Installing DOD Certificates in Linux

I stole this post from the NeoWin forums, a user named Gerowin originally posted this shell script that makes the installation of the DOD Root Certificates required to use AKO a lot easier. As of June 4th, 2012, this works for Chromium (and I assume also Chrome). I haven't time to test it in other browsers but I'm guessing it's safe to assume it works in Firefox and other web browsers. The script works in Debian-based distributions, other ones may be required to modify the script a tad.

You can download it by clicking >>Here<<

To run it, open up a terminal. In Chrome, the default download location is /home/YourName/Downloads, so navigate to that directory

cd Downloads

Make sure the permissions are set on the file to allow you to execute it.

chmod +x

Now, just run the script.


Here's the full script for conveniences sake:

#DoD Root Certificate Installer Version 1
#Downloads and installs the DoD root certificates so browsers like Google Chrome can open and use DoD sites without bugging the hell out of you.
#Written for use on a Debian system.  If you're not using Debian the commands are still relevant, just make sure you have the program certutil available, and remove the part that installs libnss3-tools
#Marcus Dean Adams ( 30 September 2011
#Makes sure the script is running as a normal user, so the certificates will get imported into their personal certificate store, and not the one for the root account.
if [[ $EUID = 0 ]]; then
   echo "This script must be run as your normal user account, if you REALLY want to import these certs as root, just edit this script and remove this whole section." 1>&2
   exit 1
#Installs libnss3-tools on Debian based systems; this package provides the certutil functionality.
echo "Installing pre-requisite..."
echo ""
su-to-root -c "apt-get -y install libnss3-tools"
#This makes a temporary folder in the $HOME of the current user named .dodcerts, downloads the certificates to there, installs them, then removes the folder.
echo "Downloading and installing certificates..."
mkdir $HOME/.dodcerts
cd $HOME/.dodcerts
for n in *.p7b; do certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -A -t TC -n $n -i $n; done
rm -rf $HOME/.dodcerts
#Exits properly.

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Interpretations of shit movies: Sucker Punch.

I watched Sucker Punch and it was god-awful. Here's a list of reasons why it was god-awful...

-Protagonist never actually mattered to audience
-Protagonist never displayed emotion other than sad :c
-I don't even remember the supporting characters names
-I don't even remember who the supporting characters were
-All the characters just seemed like pathetic and unrealistic caricatures of people that actually mean something
-No drama in action scenes because the enemies, despite being huge samurai, dragons, and steampunk-styled nazis, are just ridiculously easy to defeat
-No drama in action scenes because the main characters seem to be just arbitrarily thrown into a scenario without any real reference to reality
-No drama in action scenes because the audience really doesn't give a fuck if anyone in the movie lives or dies
-The whorehouse wasn't emotionally compelling because it was more reminiscent of the Phantom of the Opera than it was Thriller: En Grym Filme
-The audience needs to actually be told "The chef attempted to rape that one chick", the audience can't actually tell from the scene itself
-The protagonist was set up in the crazy-house under the premise that she wasn't crazy, but judging from the rest of the movie, she actually is a nutter.
-The story seems more like a "Woah, dude, what would happen if X" sort of occurance, rather than a well-thought-out and imagined piece of work
-The protoganists only real weapon in the whorehouse that her imagination crafted is her sexiness, it is never explained how this translates to the actual crazy house
-The audiences suspension of disbelief is pushed to extremes when the protagonist goes super-saiyan while fighting statues that were, once again, arbitrarily thrown in so as to provide an excuse for an action scene
-Everybody sucks
-This movie sucks
-I hate you

So, why bother doing any interpretations? Well, because even though Zach Snyder shit this one out, he actually also wrote the screenplay hisself. He probably actually had a real vision going into it, and actually had a real point he was trying to express. We'll try figuring that out.

Theory 1: The whore-house was the real-reality, and the crazy-house/bizarro action-world were imaginary.

So it's like this, Babydoll's mum died and her step-pappy commandeered her monies by sending her to a whore house or something. That alone has a few plot holes, but I made it up right now so what can you blame me for? The lobotomy represents her being penetrated by a penis, not an ice-pick, which will happen approximately 5 days after she's in the place. In the mean-time she dances around and does Bring it On stuff but without an opposing cheerleader team. Her friends discover the value of teamwork by the ways you see in the movie, ie, exploiting their sexitude (hows that for empowerment?) and after they're all shot, raped, and ruined otherwise.... wait this doesn't make any sense, that still doesn't explain why if they were escaping from a brothel she didn't just try to find an alternative strategy to avoid detection, in fact, it doubles the risk involved because her demise would be literal, not just a metaphor for lobotomy.

Theory 2: The movie was just trying to leech off of as many possible markets as possible

This movie has something shitty for everyone! I personally got it because I saw a trailer and I liked the song it had, I think it was the Lords of Acid, not sure though. Anyway, it appeals to men because it has chicks with guns/swords fighting giant statue-samurai, it appeals to women because it has dancers and women feeling sorry for themselves, it appeals to the Kubrick fans because it has to do with all sorts of things going in and out of reality, and the general idea isn't necessarily bad.

Theory 3: Babydoll was a guardian angel for the chick whose name escapes me

This one makes a lot of sense. Babydoll actually only went to the insane asylum in the first place just to help the chick who didn't want to escape make up her mind and get a better life. Unfortunately, in doing so some other broads snuffed it, so a poorly conceived plan it is.

Well I've done all I can do, no matter what way you look at it this movie doesn't really even make a bit of sense. If you have a theory that makes the movie suck less and become more "Ohhhh, I get it now.... " I would love to hear it. In the mean-time, I give this movie a 2/10.

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Fedora 15, Japanese Input using iBus is easy.


That's right. Woah. Holy heck. That's Jappo text!

Since I'm learning Japanese for the potential time I might spend in that bizarro country on the other side of Tomorrow, I figure I might as well be able to type it, at least as well as my silly hiragana comprehension will allow.

This article can tell you how to do that in Gnome 3 on Fedora 15. It may work in other distros using Gnome 3 as well.

First, go to Activities

Type: Input Method Selector

Select: Use iBus

Go to: Input Method Preferences

Go to the second tab, Input Methods, and select the checkbox labelled "Customize Active Input Methods".

Go to the dropdown menu and choose "Select all input methods".

Go to the same dropdown menu again and select Japanese > Anthy.

I suggest also choosing an english-language input method to throw in there, so you can rapidly switch between the two using Alt+Shift

Log out, then log in again. You'll have an iBus window at the top of your screen! Select an input box somewhere and press alt-shift in order to get to Anthy. Press it again and you can switch to your English input method.

This also works for other input methods out there. Have fun.


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Japanese cinema leaves me unimpressed.

I have never been much of an Anime fan. I love animation, I just never really digged on the Japanime. I did like Dragonball Z when I was a kid, and I had the original 150 Pokemon memorized, like all 13 year olds did back in the day, but I wasn't a crazy man about it.

That's not to say I was one of those assholes who completely disregarded anything cartoony and from Japan on the grounds that "they were for nerds". I just never really saw the appeal. I did enjoy several of the more famous Japanime series, as I got older, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, and I think I may have even delved into some of the weirder stuff, I remember a show called Coyote Ragtime Show that I thought was pretty good mostly because I like space cowboys (they're my fetish).

I have always been of the opinion, however, that Japanese animation was of inferior quality to western animation, in that it lacked creativity and lacked effort. For example, animation was never intended to be a "style". That bastardizes what animation is, as a completely different method for artistic and creative works. Saying that something is drawn "anime style" is like saying "I sculpted this Claymation style". That doesn't make a lick of sense.

But I digress, as if I wrote an article about how Anime is "okay sometimes" it wouldn't be very interesting.

I have limited experience with Japanese films that are live action. What I have seen has been terrible, I'll admit. I saw that god-forsaken action flick with the high-schoolers that had to kill each other or have their heads exploded off by magic necklaces and it was amazingly uninspired. I don't have a single issue with the premise, mind you, I just have a problem with the fact that it was hard to make any sense of it. In short, it was a terrible movie with a horrible plot and awful characters. More recently however, I saw a movie called "A Long Walk", and in Japanese called "Nagai Sanpo". It started out as all bad and sad movies should, an old man staring at a river alone while a single piano note plays every few seconds.

If the movie stopped there I would have felt better about giving it a terrible review but the fact is someone actually probably put at least a little effort into this movie. Pity it turned out so badly for them.

It turns out this guy was some sort of abusive school principle and he slapped his daughter once for shoplifting. I think the director could have done more to establish that this guy was an abusive father. Slapping a daughter for shoplifting seems perfectly reasonable, I gotta admit. Anyway, things happen and now he is on his own. The director lets us sort of guess what happened to make him live on his own in a run down apartment complex, but not in an interesting "two people at a bar talking about elephant-shaped hills" sort of way, more like a "I'm too lazy to fill in plot holes" sort of way.

His neighbors are pretty fucking white trash, I gotta admit. Although it's spread a little thick, the mom being a complete whore, a bartender, having a boyfriend that is an unemployed child-molesting thief, both of whome have alcohol problems, the idea is spread early in the movie that this is a movie about bad people. The parents have sex loudly in the same room as the daughter. The daughter is 4 and steals shit regularly from the store. The old guy, even though he knows some bad shit goes on here, does nothing about it for a long time. Maybe Japan doesn't have child protective services, who knows?

Eventually the father trains up to beat up the boyfriend, kidnaps the girl, kills a baby bird, and they travel together in an attempt to find a blue sky. The old man is doing that, I'd assume, because he feels bad about slapping his kid around (even though the only scene in the movie where he does, she definitely deserves it). They meet up with a teenage boy who was raised in Africa, though racially Japanese. He has a gun. This freaks the old guy out. I found out recently that all fire-arms are illegal in Japan. For no reason whatsoever other than "I don't fit in", the boy kills himself in full view of the girl and the old man. The police are searching for the old man because he is a kidnapper.

The old man is watching the news while a guy is giving him a ride (In Japan, they have TVs in the front of trucks! This fact simultaneously wowed and terrified me). The news tells him that he is wanted, he calls the police and tells them he is turning in the girl in 3 days, they just have to find a blue sky first.

This brings me to the only two even remotely likable characters in the movie, the investigators. Most movies have a character the viewer can relate to and like. Movies that only have pissy characters you despise are bad because we don't like watching people we hate. The investigators don't get much camera time though.

Eventually the girl gets turned in, the police arrest the old man, and all is exactly how one could have predicted it about 30 minutes previous without any interesting deviations from expectation. Yup. Game over man. Swell.

The movie was awful. It seemed to try and shove as much sad and depressing and morbid events as possible into a movie, and made the rest of the movie just an explanation for how the next series of depressing events happened. In the end you felt nothing for any of the characters as they go out of their way to make everyone, including the main two characters, as despicable as possible. I know using an old man and a small child is intended to pull at the two major heartstrings of an audience, however our great and glorious reviewer is immune to the cuteness of children in cinema, especially if those children are as awful as this one was. I swear to god, every time it screamed like some sort of dying rat on fire I just wanted to drive a nail through my eye as quickly as possible, just to make it stop. Also, the fact that the kid was going to the supermarket and crushing snacks and fruits and stuff didn't scream adorable to me, it screamed "problem child". Yeah, I know that it was supposed to be a problem child due to its mom being some sort of slut and her only male role-model being a molestor and thief but christ, the director could have tried harder to make use relate to it in some sort of way. Maybe the directing was more effective at making people cry in Japan, but in America, that's the usual white-trash toodaloo, so you really gotta go out of your way to connect with audiences in a significant way.

The old man pissed me off early in the film for being the neighbor that does nothing, and even when he did do something he did the wrong thing. Just so ya'll know, and I really want to stress this: If you know a child is being the victim of abuse contact the proper authorities, seriously, don't take it on a tour of Japan in search of a Blue Sky. That's just one more thing the kid is going to tell the psych about when it's working through this shit as it gets older. He also apologizes to the little girl every 4 to 5 seconds, which just reinforces bad habits with the girl. It tells the girl that by yelling and being a brat overall it can get its way.

Anyway, far be it from me to judge Japanese cinema as a whole based on this movie. And, if the rest of Japanese cinema is as bad as this, well, then it's just about as terrible as American cinema is anyway. I'll just go ahead and give this movie a solid 2 out of 10, 10 being good 5 being average and 0 being "stock footage with subtitles". If you're into this sort of movie, your own life must be terrible. That is all.

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I found a website called It is a federally sponsored relationship advice site that made me want to vomit. I posted this on their message boards. Hopefully someone who was actually considering the sites advice will read it and decide to be more realistic.
This website isn't a very good website because it puts out generic relationship advice that one could easily get off of daytime soaps or evening sitcoms, and doesn't pay any consideration to the basics of human behavior and attraction. Somehow I imagine the average user of this website has the personality of a dried slab of clay, in that they at one point had the potential to actually make something of themselves but instead settled into a hard rock that no one is interested in. Let's take this article for example,

Number 2 says not to answer text messages or phone calls. Let me explain to you why it is absoluetely pivotal that you do.

If you are a girl, answering a phone call is a good way to "snap out of it" and centers you back in reality. This way you can make a better judgement call about the guy.

If you are a guy, answering a phone call or text message is a good way to demonstrate alpha characteristics. No girl is going to get pissy if you answer a text anyway, so go nuts.

The article also recomends for men to open doors and pull out chairs for women. If a man does this in any but the most affluent of restaurants (assuming you're stupid enough to go on a restaurant date) you will simply give signals of "I am trying to appease you so that you will accept me". Women don't dig this. It doesn't sparkle with them. Even if some won't admit it, they would rather get treated like an adult. Offering to split the bill is common sense, though, for you women out there.

When it comes to following up, for women it is a good idea to avoid calling them back for a little while because that is a good way to gauge their level of interest. It is important to do this so you don't either make yourself look silly or put it all out there too easy (unless you really want to, that's your business, I'm not going to judge)

If you are male and are the proud owner of a penis, don't make it too easy. Women don't like men who aren't a challenge. Be challenging. Call back whenever you want, and make the conversation more fun than reminiscent. Instead of "I had a great time!" go "I need your help breaking into Fort Drumm, I'm late on a cell phone payment!" Also, don't use that line, thats an example, grow some creativity and make up your own.

Heck, you don't even have to set up another date. Go shopping with the person. That's more fun and more interesting. Good advice is, take something you were going to do anyway, and have the other tag along. It makes it fun!

Girls, don't be late unless you, again, want to gauge their interest.

Men, be late if you want but lets' not get ridiculous, and don't apologize for it either. Remain aloof.

Discuss whatever you'd like. If you scare them off with an especially heavy or emotional subject, well, then I guess they aren't the best for you, are they? While we're on it, don't come on strongly unless you have already established rapport with them, and remember to always gauge their reaction before escelating.

Get physical as soon as you two are comfortable getting physical. Seriously folks. How is it that people dissect the simple act of hooking up into tiny little rules, it's not complicated. Do or don't. Don't beat around the bush, if you want to do it go do it and if you don't, why are you with them in the first place?

It's sterile silly relationship sites like this that are the reason the divorce rates in this country are well above 50 percent. Dating isn't safe. It isn't supposed to be safe. If it is made to be safe it is boring. Let's go back to the caves for a second. Dating wasn't safe back then. IF you were a girl you had to be careful because if you slept with a guy who ran off on you you would become pregnant, and without a father you and your child would both die. If you were a cave-guy and you talked to the wrong girl, her partner or father or brother would have no problem in the world killing you. It was an adventure every time you met someone new. This "I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship but I'll go out and have a boring night with this one person and I'll wear my sunday best and have answers prepared as though it were a job interview" is possibly the worst mentality to have.

The fact that this site is sponsored with my tax money makes it worse. Pigheaded beaurocrats giving advice on how to be human is a tremendous waste of money when we have a million other things it could be spent on.

In short, what's wrong with you all?

the end.

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